Anti-scald thermostatic and pressure balanced safety marine shower valves
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Thermostatic/Pressure Balancing Safety Shower with automatic shut-down.


Model 8210 in Chrome.  Order Below.

You may be asking yourself, what is the difference? There are a lot of "temperature control" shower valves on the market!

The answer is that the FM Mattsson shower is different because it is both thermostatic and pressure balanced. Safety tests dramatically prove that only a valve that is both pressure balanced and thermostatic can solve the problem of temperature fluctuations in a water system. In fact this patented system is so advanced, that it holds temperature fluctuations to 2F (1C) at the outlet.

  • Shower mixing valves that are pressure balanced alone can compensate for pressure variations, but are not capable of controlling temperature
  • Shower mixing valves that contain only a thermostat are unable to react quickly enough to prevent dangerous swings in the temperature when pressure changes occur
  • Shower valves that do not have an automatic shut-down feature can not protect you in the event of a loss of hot or cold water
  • If any water system is not kept above 140F (60C) in tanks and 122F (50C) at all taps, the chance of dangerous bacteria such as Legionella (Legionnaires' Disease) increases significantly.

The Problem: Water at 150F will cause a third degree burn (full thickness burn requiring hospitalization and skin grafts) in just half a second. Children under 4, and the elderly are more at risk because their skin is thinner than that of older children and adults. The often touted solution of turning down the temperature in a hot water heater is not safe because water needs to be kept hot enough to kill the bacteria that builds up in any water system.

Children under 4, the elderly and and the disabled may lack the ability to escape a life-threatening burn situation, and further may not be able to tolerate the physical stress of a post burn injury. Typically a young child in hot water will scream, but may not withdraw from the water.

The Solution: No where else will you find this unique combination of features built into a shower. The breakthrough technology built into this valve provides the most advanced means available of avoiding scalding or thermal shock injury in the bath. At the same time it provides unparalleled luxury and comfort.

  • Protection from BOTH pressure and temperature variations
  • Additional safeguard of automatic shutdown
  • Fights against Legionella and other bacteria in a water system
  • Water conserving
  • Locking "child-stop" to further control the temperature of hot water
  • Compliance with widely accepted international safety specifications
  • Simple installation and service

This unique product was developed in Sweden. The building codes in Scandinavian countries are much stricter than in the U.S. The Swedish government legislated that a solution must be designed for the problem of scalding in hospitals and nursing homes, and the Thermostatic/Pressure Balancing valve with automatic shut-down was born.



9000E II Thermostatic and pressure balanced Safety Shower (153mm centers): $496

FMM 8210-2500 EcoSafe mixer

  • With shower connection down
  • Pressure balanced thermostatic mixer
  • With ceramic sealed headwork
  • Temperature handle with safety stop at 38C
  • With Eco-function
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717

The stylish shape of the mixer supplements the unique functions and the environmental friendly aspect distinguishing the 9000E series. A cleverly engineered technique saves water and energy without compromising on comfort. Outlet down.

Before adding to cart, please choose option:

Option: 9205 Wall Mount System: Escutcheon plate + adapters that convert from 3/4 inch at back of unit to 1/2 inch piping. on 153mm centers.  Use the scroll menu to choose. The default is no wall mounts.

9205 Wall Mounts




Spare Parts for 9000E II:

9205 Wall Mount System: Escutcheon plate + adapters that convert from 3/4 inch at back of unit to 1/2 inch piping. on 153mm centers.  Use the scroll menu to choose. 110.00



3860 Replacement Thermostatic and Pressure Balanced cartridge for 5000/9000/8210 series shower valves. It is nice to have a replacement cartridge stowed aboard on an extended cruise - just in case. Kit below for 9000 series valves includes this part. $110.00


Repair Kit for T/PB shower valves.  It is nice to have replacement parts stowed aboard on an extended cruise - just in case.  This repair kit includes the 3860 T/PB cartridge, plus 2 check valves.  $145.00

Choose Shower Type for check valves
Part #3875 for 5180/9219 (behind the wall valve, retired model)
Part #5981-0000 for 9000 series (9210, retired model)
Part #5981-0800 for 9000E II (8210-2500) current model


A limited supply of legacy genuine FM Mattsson spare parts is available, click here.

The Mattsson shower mixer was designed for installation and retrofitting onto most boats and ships. External mounting means that the mixer can be installed simply and easily. For installation through a bulkhead all that is required are two holes 6" apart. Two threaded mountings are installed into the holes and the mixer is merely attached to the 3/4" threads. The personal hand shower and its mount are quickly and easily installed and then attached to the 1/2" standard outlet on the mixer.


Complete access to critical parts are the reason that FM Mattsson marine shower valves are designed to be fully exposed. In the event that a cartridge needs to be replaced, the entire valve mechanism is completely accessible.

Economic repair kits : Stowing a repair kit onboard allows repairs without interrupting an extended cruise.

Join our growing list of customers who have discovered the superiority of a Thermostatic and Pressure balanced shower  valve. Ship and yacht builder customers include the U.S. Coast Guard, Holland America Cruise Lines, Joiner Systems, V. Ships, Tribute Performance Boats, TDI Halter, Keystone Shipping, Sabre and Kadey Krogen Yachts.

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