FM MATTSSON parts for Anti-scald thermostatic and pressure balanced safety marine shower valves, legacy spare parts


Spare Parts: FM Mattsson shower mixers - Retired Models


5000 series - square knob  1993-2001
5190 (square knob) / 9219 (rounded knob) Behind the wall.
9210 (rounded knob 2001-2020)
8210 (or 9000E - currently marketed)

Limited spare parts in stock for FM Mattsson Thermostatic/Pressure Balancing Safety Shower valves with automatic shut-down. They include legacy parts for shower mixers that have since been retired by the manufacturer.  All parts are new genuine parts purchased directly from the FM Mattsson factory in Mora Sweden.  

Parts are sold as is and are not returnable. Please check your mixer to order the correct version. 


Repair Kit for T/PB shower valves.  It is nice to have replacement parts stowed aboard on an extended cruise - just in case.  This repair kit includes the 3860 T/PB cartridge, plus 2 check valves.  $145.00

Choose Shower Valve Type for check valves
Part #3875 for 5190/9219 (behind the wall valve, retired model)
Part #5981-0000 for 9000 series (9210, retired model)
Part #5981-0800 for 9000E II (8210-2500) current model


3860-1009 Replacement Thermostatic and Pressure Balanced cartridge for 5000/9000/8210 (9000E) series (all) shower valves. It is nice to have a replacement cartridge stowed aboard on an extended cruise - just in case. Kit above includes this part. $99.00




3414 Replacement bracket for 3420 shower set. (legacy retired model)    $15.00 ea

Choose Color


9205-8050  Wall Mount System Stainless Escutcheon Plate and wall mounts. Escutcheon plate + adapters that convert from 3/4 inch at back of unit to 1/2 inch US piping. Fit mixers with 153mm centers (not 160mm).  5000/9000/9000E These units were custom manufactured for plumbing standards in the USA. $95


3600-7450: Tap disc for 5000 series T/PB shower valves (retired model) $11.00 each
2983-1529: Back Ventiler, non return valve in pairs for 5000, 5190 and 9000 series (retired legacy models)  $11.00
3520-1400: On/off Headpiece with valve cone for FMM 5000/9000 series legacy mixers (not for 9000E) $25.00
3594-0009: Temperature knob for 9000 series T/PB mixers. Rounded $13

1199-0000: Escutcheon plate for 5190/9219 behind the wall mixers. (legacy part) $14.00


Faucet Parts:  

3492-0000: Hand-held spray head for FMM 9115 series pull-out kitchen faucet. CHROME This is the hand spray unit.



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