FM Mattsson Thermostatic and Pressure Balanced Marine Shower

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Taking a shower supplied by a mobile water system is unpredictable because the temperature of the water supply is inherently hot, and the pressure can fluctuate rapidly. Taking a shower in a boat or ship can be uncomfortable and downright dangerous.

The Thermostatic and Pressure Balanced FM Mattsson dual function marine shower valve offers an effective solution to the problem.

  • Built-in Thermostat: When the hot water supply fluctuates in temperature, the FM Mattsson mixer automatically adjusts to this change and produces a uniform outlet temperature.
  • Pressure Balanced: It has the ability to adjust to extreme and rapid variations in the pressure of both the hot and the cold water supply yet show virtually no variation in the temperature or pressure coming from the shower outlet.
  • Automatic Shut-down: As an added safety feature, if either the hot or the cold water supply is interrupted, the shower shuts down automatically. The chance of being scalded because of the sudden loss of cold water is virtually eliminated. You are also protected against the sudden loss of hot water to avoid a sudden blast of cold water.


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FM Mattsson of Sweden invented the first thermostatic AND pressure balanced shower valve. Only showers that are both thermostatic AND pressure balanced are able to compensate for changes in either pressure or temperature - so go ahead and flush ~ the person in the shower will not feel the difference FM Mattsson patent logo


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